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Devil's Landscape

May, 2018

Concrete and metal

Landscapes that have been made by nature, or so we would assume, but that somehow do not look natural at all. Many of the devil’s works can be seen throughout the world. In California, Ireland and Colombia different rock formations have been made in an eerie and unusual way, to the point that it would not have made any sense that nature could have actually produce them at all… they actually looked manmade… thus, the devil enters the picture. But as Adorno argued, nature becomes history and history becomes nature, the two are so entangled that trying to separate them would prevent us from realizing how much of our “second nature” we give to “first nature” and vice versa. Even now entering the Anthropocene era, the power of humanity’s geological monster has grown to surpass the cultural towards the natural in most of the corners of the world (for not to say all). Thus, without wanting it to, we became the devil. A monster that no longer recognizes its own work in nature and cannot distinguish itself from the fiction he created as nature.

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