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Discover how Latin American artists helped shape the global art scene

In these 12 classes, you will learn occurred in Latin America in the XX century and how much that affected the construction of the global art history. We will give special attention to female artists that help construct the Latin American modern narrative. 

Each class is a live webinar that you can attend each week, so you can ask questions directly about each artist. We will send you a link so you can play it back if you cannot attend the class or want to hear it again throughout the week.

1. The 19th-century: The Academy and Nation Building

2. Visualizing Nation, Race, Ethnicity and Gender

3. Latin American Avant-gardes. Gazing back

4. Mexican Muralism, Mestizaje and Nationalism

5. The alternative Mexican art

6. Objects and satire: Colombian art practices. 

7. The turn to abstraction. 

8. Facing totalitarianism. 

9. The Anti-Aesthetic Turn, Pop and Conceptualism

10. Beyond the fantastic. 

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