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"This is not art"

This has been the common phrase of the last 200 years of history. From the Impressionist to Damien Hirst, artists have been challenging the popular and theoretical signification of what Art means and what it is supposed to do and represent. 

These bespoke contemporary art experiences have been created to help you understand what has occurred over the last 200 years of art history which has changed what we comprehend and define as Art. It will allow you to examine the importance of Art and the reason for its continued resilience in our world. 


Why is it art?

Have you ever gone to a contemporary art exhibition and wondered how is it possible that this could be art? 
Would you like to have the tools to critically understand and enjoy any art exhibition?

Art history classes: Products

Upcoming Events

  • Latin American Art | Tate Modern Collection
    Latin American Art | Tate Modern Collection
    Sat, 19 Oct
    Tate Modern
    19 Oct 2019, 14:30 – 16:30
    Tate Modern, Tate Modern, London SE1, UK
    19 Oct 2019, 14:30 – 16:30
    Tate Modern, Tate Modern, London SE1, UK
  • National Gallery | The beginning of the revolution
    National Gallery | The beginning of the revolution
    Sat, 19 Oct
    The National Gallery
    19 Oct 2019, 11:00 – 13:00
    The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, London WC2N 5DN, UK
    19 Oct 2019, 11:00 – 13:00
    The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, London WC2N 5DN, UK
    Discover the National Gallery collection of modern art like never before. Understand the socio-economic and political circumstances that created these groundbreaking group of artists.
  • Free Online Class | Tate Modern: Female Artists of Latin America
    Free Online Class | Tate Modern: Female Artists of Latin America
    Tue, 13 Aug
    13 Aug 2019, 20:30 – 14 Aug 2019, 00:30
    London, London, UK
    13 Aug 2019, 20:30 – 14 Aug 2019, 00:30
    London, London, UK
    Explore the lives and the work of women who fought for their right to be seen in an art world dominated by men, finding new ways to express their political and social views like never before.

Discover our online classes

If you are not in London or you have a busy schedule don't miss the opportunity to learn more about contemporary and  Lain American art

Art Piece

Daniela gave me and my Mom a couple of courses of art at the Tate Modern and the National Gallery. She demonstrated to be very well informed and managed to provide us with the most important facts of each exhibition without showing off her knowledge neither providing us with a dense speech. Her ability to talk about art in an easy and meaningful way and making it quite enjoyable is indeed impressive. Overall, Daniela is an easy going person so you won’t feel she is giving you a class at all, instead I could tell after all that a friend walked me through the world of art and I had fun!

Diego Saco Hatchwell


Wonderful class on female Latin American artists with Daniela! There need to be more like it throughout London and abroad. She is extremely knowledgeable and opened my eyes to artworks which are typically overlooked at the ever-busy Tate Modern. It was an informative and inspiring session. As a lover and student of the arts, I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like to learn more about these incredible artists from the '60s to '80s.

Katherine Christensen


I attended Daniela' s tour on intro to contemporary art. It was fascinating! Daniela has a great knowledge and critical point of view. Her tour is deep, factual and I definitely recommend it! She is great answering questions while she also allows you to arrive at your own opinion

Laura Guerrero


Dani is an expert on art and history of art. She has an outstanding ability to convey her passion and her knowledge. Highly recommended!!

Maria Jose Sologuren


I attended Daniela's class for the Picasso exhibition at the TATE and I really recommend it!!! It was really incredible!!! I am a complete ignorant at art and I really loved her class, as it was super entertaining. I not only expanded my knowledge of art history, but I learned to see Picasso's work discovering certain details that I would have never seen if it wasn't for her.

Carolina Toro

lili mendonca_edited.jpg

I had a delightful afternoon at the Tate with my group and I really recommend the class of Latin American Female artists. You can see how inspired by these amazing women Daniela is, and, I'm afraid she contaminated us! It's so amazing to walk in the museum's corridors and actually understand what a piece of art represents...putting it into its historical context makes all the difference. I loved this experience so much and I hope you guys can also meet Daniela and the other wonderful artists of my beloved Latin America.

Elisangela Mendonça


Media Buzz


Daniela Galan and the art of Latin American women

Interview for El Ojo de la Cultura. 
Hear the interview in Spanish clicking this link:

Daniela Galan

Artist and art historian

Daniela Galan is a Colombian artist and art historian from Goldsmiths University. She is also a former lawyer and philosopher of Los Andes University, with a five-year background in education and corporate training. 

Since she started her career as an artist she has been working at the intersection of contemporary art practice, sculpture, and philosophy. Mastering how to print images into objects with liquid light (silver gelatine) and exploring industrial materials such as concrete, metal, mercury to challenge our understanding of natural landscape. 
Her research as a philosopher and art historian has concentrated on exploring the concept of nature and understanding how this concept has been constructed through historical and political influences. She has concentrated her art history research in Latin American art history with an emphasis on female artists.

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